Flora & Fauna Bingo

28 JUNE 2024 - 30 JUNE 2024

Performances at Lou:
Friday 28/6 @ 18:00
Saturday 29/6 @ 15:00 & 18:00
Sunday 30/6 @ 15:00 

Dance and choreography: Corinne Mustonen and Laura Jantunen
Sound: Murrettumeri (Henia Nikkilä)
Choreographic support: Sara Grotenfelt

I also want to make some small performance in a gallery!
yes let’s
this is good
I’m on my way to an exhibition, I’ll ask if we could do it there some spring weekend
Henia is joining.

As a consequence of this conversation Corinne, Laura and Murrettumeri ended up creating a
small performance at Lou Gallery 28-30/6. The performance is called Flora & Faun Bingo. At a
bingo the mood is great, and you might even win something if you stay curious. Flora follows
fauna. Fauna follows Flora. Everything is possible. Welcome, to experience concrete new sincere
dance and to play surrealist bingo. Expect at least one stone.

Duration: approx. 30 min.
Free entry. There will be a booking system to reserve a spot. 

The performance is supported by the city of Helsinki and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.